Stained Glass
We started doing Stained Glass in the eighties. Back then there were very few of us, classes were very hard to find, and our specialized supplies were, as today, few and far away.

They happily undertake commissions, especially for doors, windows and kitchen cabinet doors. They will assist you with your choice of glass, colour and design, and where possible will visit
your home.

Bring your sizes, photos of your home and interior, fabric sketches or paint samples and colour schemes which will assist greatly when your own unique work of art is designed and custom-made for you, be it lamp or window.

They produce a wide range of exquisite lamps, from small, medium and large standing lamps, hanging lamps, wall mounted lamps and bedide lamps to large Tiffany style originals specially designed for the client.
Today we can say that we get most satisfaction from designing one-off panels or lamps to suit our client’s taste and environment. It is always new and exiting, as a fresh and rewarding project always waits to be conceptualized, as the next customer walks through the door.
Our proudest moments are when customers return for their
2nd or 3rd home.

Stained glass can be modern, Victorian, Art Deco or timeless elegance. It is often better to design a space for stained glass with your architect, but most houses have spaces that lends themselves beautifully to a stained glass work of art.

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