Lulu's Pies

Lulu’s Frozen Pies
– Made with our own thin crust

All pies available in 2 sizes:
Medium (for 1 Very hungry person or 2 not so hungry)
From R35-R49
Large (for 4 – 6, depending on Very hungry persons)
From R47-R59

Chicken & Vegetables Chicken & Asparagus
Chicken & Broccoli Chicken & Mushroom
Kenyan Chicken with Peanut & Coconut
Chicken & Corn (child friendly)
Thai Chicken Curry & Pineapple
Beef & Butternut Beef Curry
Pepper Steak with Vegetables
Steak & Kidney Beef & Vegetables
Malay Pork Curry Lamb & Mint
Lamb Curry Moroccan Lamb
Moroccan Mince
Harvest Pie (Vegetables: Potato, Cauliflower,
Carrot, and whatever is in season)
Spinach, Mushroom & Feta
Pumpkin, Sweet potato & Pepper with Basil

Pies available may not reflect the full range, but then there
may just be some unlisted surprises as inspiration
Lulu’s culinary skills. Orders gladly taken.
At Aladdin’s Corner 033 266 6460

ALSO to be found:-
Home-made Jams, Chutneys & Pickles
Cape Olives and Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Honey Rainbow Trout (fresh & smoked)
Home made Ginger Beer (Grandma's Recipe)
Biscuits, Home-baked Goodies and Rusks
(a special mention of our health rusks -
with linseeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds,
sunflower seeds, oats, wheatgerm and bran).
Delicious and good for you!
Home made pasta ..... and much more