A little more about Aladdin’s...

A few years ago we fell in love with the Midlands and promptly emigrated from
the Free State.

The little village of Nottingham Road nestled amongst the lush green rolling hills of KZN became our new home. Here we became part of the bigger artistic community of the Midlands Meander.

It has been a happy time, with many close friendships being forged, as customers became friends, and we hope it will always be a happy place for everybody who visits us. For those who do not know us (yet), we would like to share a little about our life in the country...

The horses were kicked out of the stables, and this has been turned into a studio and exhibition area. Here we produce ceramics, stained glass, decoupage, candles and many other handcrafted and affordable treasures.

Our shop also became a haven for hungry and thirsty Meanderers, and grew from a coffee shop and tea garden into a country restaurant. Many years and many friends later we know that meeting so many new friends through long and repeated visits has been the best thing about Aladdin’s Restaurant. Although we no longer have a restaurant, we still produce Lulu's Pies, Ginger Beer, Rusks, Biscuits, Jan's Olives and other Deli stuff.

Visit Aladdins Corner to meet the friendly faces that live and labour there
We are very privileged to live here, no more rush hour traffic, big city crime,
but instead fresh air and living a creative life!

Kom Kuier...